I've received quite a few questions over the past couple of years so have put together an FAQ to answer the most common. 




Please, please don’t screen grab photos from my site for your Facebook profile picture! The quality is always really, really low and basically makes my work look bad. I have recently added an option to purchase a 1500px-watermarked shot for £5. I know that times are tough but you’ll be much happier with what you’ll end up with and it’ll contribute a little towards my own costs.


Where do you generally shoot?


Generally West Cornwall (Newquay – Lands End), North & South coast. I prefer to shoot punchy waves where I can get close to surfers. You’ll get an idea of where I generally frequent from my sessions gallery.


I don’t identify what may be considered a secret spot through name or photograph, either in person or on the web.  


I generally shoot where I think that conditions will be best performance surfing.


How would I know if you've got shots of me?


In the water I'll be carrying rubber wristbands with this web address on them. Feel free to paddle over and grab one from me. If I think I've just shot a good sequence of you then I'll probably paddle over and pass you one also. If I'm on the beach then I'll have cards with me that you're welcome to also. Once I've reviewed the days frames (usually within 24 hours of taking them), I'll get them up here and share details of the album via Facebook and Twitter account. I encourage viewers to tag photos if they know the surfers. I can't ID everyone so social media plays a big part in ensuring that surfers get to see their shots.


You've got shots of guys that I know. How can I let them know?


Please tag them. You can tweet or share any of these shots on Facebook. My objective is to ID as many surfers as I can - but I need help from visitors to the site.


I do not like one or more of your photos much. What's the score?


Please let me know and I'll consider removing it. I pick the site shots carefully so can't see that they'd put any noses out of joint. If you're really not keen on a photo being available for public display then please give me a shout - I want my contribution to be a positive one.


Is what I see on the site all that you got of a session?


I'll normally select the frames that I think are good enough to warrant selling. Water shots can be hit or miss and you never really know what you've got until you get home. If you see me in the line up but don't see any wave shots then please get in touch, but bear in mind that if it's not on here, it's probably not good enough or I missed it. Sorry!


What can I do with the photo that I've bought from you?


The photo is yours so within reason anything you like - print it, Facebook it, tweet it or upload it to any other website. All that I ask is that you do not re-sell it or use it for commercial purposes.


What about commercial use?


All of my shots are available for commercial use but the prices stated on this site do not apply. Please get in touch for individual pricing (or to make an offer). I can provide RAW files for all commercial use. Where files are purchased for commercial use, they can be removed from this site at point of sale. 


Are you competing with the other UK surf photographers?


There are other guys around Cornwall and the UK who use their valuable time shooting surfers and I have the utmost of respect for them. I am not attempting to muscle in on their market or step on any toes, but simply provide additional coverage. At the end of the day the other photogs can't be in more than one place at one time. I also aim to shoot from the water where I can, thus providing a different perspective. 


Are your shots 'photo shopped'?


If you mean, do I crop, tidy and enhance the colours of photos then yes, the same as any photog. If you mean, have I changed any of the actual subject matter within the photo then no. 


Do you want to come and shoot our session?


Definitely. If you think that you're going to score and would like me to grab some frames of you then give me a shout. Just send me a text letting me know who you are, where you are going and when and I'll give you a buzz back. My number is 07969 802 687. I do not charge for my time or fuel, and I will not disclose the locations of any spots surfed.