Hi and welcome to my site. 


A keen surfer since the age of 16 and photographer since 25, I made the decision to combine my two interests in 2011. Whilst I still surf regularly, my preference now is to enter the water armed with a camera & housing rather than a board & leash.  


Shooting surf and the guys that ride it in the UK is a hit and miss business. Long periods of inconsistent swell and onshore winds, combined with cold water and very often grey, overcast skies make this a challenging and unpredictable pastime. However despite it’s downsides, I find it a curiously addictive way to spend my time: a great balance of adrenaline that only mother nature can provide, a good physical workout and a smattering of technical geekery, not to mention the stoke (for me and surfer) when a great moment is captured.


I’ve tried not to follow a trend with my photography, which means that 99% of the photos I take are out there to be seen, to be shared and to be enjoyed. Whilst I like to submit my best work to the industry magazines, I get equal pleasure from publishing my shots on this site and others, purely for the benefit of those that appreciate it, whether for images of empty waves, their friends or themselves. Whilst I charge for my shots, the charge only covers my own costs – there is little profit margin to be gained here.